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Intech: A Family and a Company

Intech is a small, woman-owned company based out of Washington, IL. 
We're a small family-owned company that keeps our values and our customers first.

The Call That Started It All..

April 2007

Intech was founded by John and Tasha McCrary. 

After John left his previous place of employment, a previous customer called him at home to ask him if he would consider starting his own company. 
That had never been a desire of his, but after a lot of prayer, he and Tasha agreed that they should give it a try.

With a laptop, a small desk in the corner, and their garage that they would use as their warehouse, they opened the doors. Tasha managed the day-to-day operations in the evenings, after her other full-time job, while John handled the sales and installs.

Intech Starts To Grow

April 2009

A handful of customers kept John & Tasha more than busy for the first year, but business soon got to be too much for them handle on their own. 

After much deliberation, they hired their first full time install technician. Soon after, there was a large influx in business and they found themselves working overtime rather quickly; so they hired a family friend to help with clerical needs. John continued working double shifts for a while.

Out of the Garage and Into the Warehouse

April 2013-2015

Business continues to grow steadily and Intech hired one more installation tech in 2013. Over the next few years, they brought on more installers and finally moved out of the garage and into a warehouse with office space.

Intech Turns 10

April 2017

At 10 years old, not only is Intech still here, but we're still growing at a slow and steady pace.
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