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How do we do it?

Magician's rarely reveal their tricks, but we're all about transparency from start to finish.

The Consultation

We get started by making sure we understand your needs.

Our consultations are quick and painless...dare we say, fun?

Design & Planning

After we're all on the same page with what needs done, we assess the layout and exact equipment that fits your needs. 

Everything is done specifically to meet your criteria.


We send our team of highly trained technicians to launch the project and Intech gets to work. 

Our on-site team is flexible, so we change with your needs.


Kick back and enjoy an easier way to work. 

With your new systems in place, and Intech at the ready to provide support when you need it - you can enjoy more of your day and get more done.

We provide top tier A/V services to corporations and SMBs alike.

Whether you're a small business in need of a conference room or a corporation looking for a whole new system - we've got you covered.
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